Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Well, here I am in this chaotic tourist trap they call Ho Chi Minh City. Better known as Saigon. The traffic into town was not as bad as I was led to believe. A few trucks and buses, but mainly lots of motorcycles. But the four-wheel vehicles mainly stuck to the left hand lane and the two and three wheelers fought it out in the right hand lane (and shoulder). The only challenge being the traffic coming at you from the other way along the shoulder. Otherwise, you just keep pedalling and avoid making any sudden changes in direction. The traffic flows right around you quite nicely.

There are a few museums in town that I plan to visit whilst waiting for my Laos visa. I will also take a day tour out to the Cu Chi tunnels (it is too far to bike out to) and see what trap they have set there for us sejourners. Not much else to do here but peer at other travellers and dodge motos, postcard selling children, pickpockets, and the likes. Visiting the smaller towns is much more enjoyable and relaxing. You are less harassed and and the locals are much friendlier.

Note: there are no floods down here. I believe it is up in Central Vietnam (500+ miles up the road). I think there were some sprinkles today. Other then that I have seen a few sprinkles and a few brief downpours. But no real rain to speak of. At least the temps are getting down a little. Highs are around 90F. But you will be happy to here that I usually get my air con cranked up high enough that I need blankets to sleep.

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