Monday, November 1, 2004

Poipet, Cambodia

The ride across Thailand was nice and peaceful, with sporadic little towns that had welcoming food markets and friendly people. This place is more like a suburb of Hades - think Mad Max on steroids. Coming upon the border there's a massive market with Thai and Cambodian stall. There are hordes of people pulling carts, driving motorbikes, walking, bicycling, loaded into the back of pick up trucks, on top of semi-trucks, and pretty much every mode of ground transport available streaming in and out of the border. Once into Cambodia, it only gets worse. Kids and other people all over, either pulling carts, begging, or offering their services. Food stands all over, tuk-tuks, motos, and whatnots driving every which way. They even have roadside gas stations - petrol in coke bottles on a little push cart.

At least there are plenty of guest houses, and even though mine is setting me back over $12, it looks quite nice. Aircon, hot water, tv, and no brothel element.

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