Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sorae Market: The Video

As fall entrenches itself here, I haven't been much in the mood to explore any new areas. I've been out several times on the bike, but the early sun sets, chilly winds, and a back tire that keeps wanting to go flat on me have kept me close to home. I made another trip down to Sorae last weekend and pulled out the video function on my camera. It definitely won't be the most exciting 9 minutes of your life, but I figured it would be a good glimpse at one of my favorite locales here in Korea.

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tess said...

Hi there,
I really enjoyed your nice, fun, and exact(:)) description and pictures of countryside and some islands which I've never been to. It's a bit strange to hear new things about my country from a foreigner though^^. (I used to live in Seoul and Anyang which is not far from Incheon and Sorae, but I'm living in the US.) Hope you have many good memories of Korea.