Sunday, December 9, 2007

Korean News

The latest big news here.

From The Korea Times:

The police and military were continuing Friday a full-scale manhunt for a fugitive who attacked two marine sentries and fled with their weapons, but so far have only found his burnt-out sports utility vehicle.

At a meeting of top military commanders, Defense Minister Kim Jang-soo ordered them to step up efforts to catch the man in cooperation with the police. The authorities have strengthened guards at major government facilities and banks, with 1,800 troops searching for the suspect.

Police found the charred Korando SUV _ identified from reports by witnesses _ in a rice field in Hwaseong, southwest of Seoul, 105 kilometers away from the assault site and 10 kilometers away from highway exit.

At 5:30 p.m., Thursday, a man said to be in his 30s, ran his car into the marines _ Sgt. Lee Jae-hyeok and Pfc. Park Yeong-cheol, both 20 _ who were walking back to their base, outside a military checkpoint on Ganghwa Island, northwest of Seoul. Park was rendered unconscious while Lee was knocked down.

After driving back to the soldiers, the suspect got out of his car, pretending that it was just an accident. He then stabbed Lee with a knife several times, while Lee retaliated by hitting the man in the head with his K-2 rifle until he bled, according to Lee and witnesses.

That would be the same Ganghwa-do I visited a couple of months ago.

In less exciting news, the sledding hill at Incheon Grand Park is open for business.

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