Saturday, October 13, 2007

Korean style

For a change of pace, I'm introducing a new game. Figure out how many cops and security guards it takes to direct traffic at this intersection.

Now on to the fun.

Fishing, Korean style

I suppose when most people go fishing, they just want to relax and get away from the crowd. Compared to most places in Korea, I suppose this counts as "getting away."

Fishing Village, Korean style

As if Sorae wasn't crowded enough, they've started on another 20 building apartment complex. I'm guessing this place was home to about 5,000 people not too long ago. Within the next 5 years, the population will probably be well over 50,000. I love checking out the market from the bridge. Going into the market is a nightmare.

Village Police, Korean style

An astute eye might say that there are 9 cops and security guards directing traffic at this intersection. In reality, there are another five supervisors / back-ups located off camera to the left. So the correct answer is 14.

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