Sunday, June 3, 2007

Sorae, revisted

I've posted about Sorae before, and I'll do so again today. I finally timed the arrival of the boats correctly and remembered to bring my camera. So here are some pictures of the action.

The most fascinating thing is how everything is in such close proximity. From the boats to the trading floor to the market or restaurant is a matter of feet. And while all the unloading and selling of fish is going on, the public is free to mill around, potentially falling off the dock, getting run over by a cart, or just being a general nuisance. It's definitely something you don't get to see in America.

The boats are crammed into the dock

The fish are offloaded and carted across an outgrowth of the market

Buyers check over the lot

The bidding begins

The lots are set aside and tagged

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