Saturday, June 9, 2007

The Greenway

Saturday was another trip out to Ansan for lunch. I've been searching for new routes along the way, and I've discovered a few nice diversions. One interesting aspect of Korea, is that there is very little sprawl. The suburbs around Seoul are growing quickly, and new housing is being built all over. But the housing is not spacious subdivisions that over run the farmland. Rather, they are neat and compact high-ride apartment complexes. So you can quickly go from the crowded city to fields of rice. Below are a couple of examples where city meets country.

So I've been taking advantage of this, and heading out into the rice fields. Now that the rice has been planted, the fields are a lovely green. There are access roads which criss cross the fields, and these make nice leisurely routes. Occasionally, I also discover some hidden gems. Like the path below. It cuts through a small wilderness zone that is amongst the mudflats around Sorae.

Another discovery was this walking and biking path. It's name is the "Green Way." That's not a translation, it's literally "Green Way," written in Hangeul. It's a nice 7.5 km route through the fields, with only one road crossing to deal with. The map shows how blocks of apartment buildings dot the land.

A nice big pagoda for people to hang out in

So that's the latest discovery to reveal. Oh, and I had some very good Vietnamese food in Ansan. Shrimp fried rice with beef and onions.

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