Saturday, December 4, 2004


- Currently stuck in Ho Chi Minh, as I need to apply for a new (Peace Corps) passport at the consulate office. Unfortunately, their hours are 8:30-11:30, Mon-Thur. On the plus side, I know now what job I want after the Peace Corps.

- Went out to Cu Chi to see the tunnels. Or at least the reconstructed tunnels. They were still quite small. Interesting little propaganda film from the late 60's showing VC's laying mines. They also had various bamboo traps and of course kitschy souveniers (bottled cobra anyone?).

- The Christmas trees and santas look out of place.

- Not much to do here but wait for Monday. I guess it's better then being stuck on the train for three days (for a 20 hour trip) due to the flooding. As someone I was talking to had been.

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