Saturday, December 11, 2004

Don Ho? Dang Ha?

Finally made it out of Hue. I've grown weary of moto and cyclo drivers. I was even relieved to see the gathering hordes of children when I stopped for a drink (right next to a grade school). It's nice and cool up here in central Nam - about 70F out right now. Of course the locals have on their winter coats, scarves, and stocking caps. There were a few sprinkles along the way, but nothing too bad. One more day in Nam and then into Laos - which is suppose to be much more laid back, Cambodia like. Apparently they don't get too many visitors here in Dong Ha - my room was listed for $19 and I said it was too much. The receptionist asked how much I could pay, so I said $10. She said, "$10, ok." I didn't even bother to look at the room. Not a bad place either - looks like hot water, satellite tv, and even a balcony and mini-bar. I probably didn't look like I could pay more then $10 anyways - my shirt was sprayed with flecks of reddish mud, making it look like I had been standing behind someone who got blasted with a shotgun.

BTW, sending email out of this place seems to be an impossibility. Which is annoying, as I am trying to schedule my limited time in the US. Anyways, for those expecting email from me (and those who I've been pestering with email and don't want anymore), I will try to get emails sent ASAP. I'm not sure when, especially since Laos will probably be pretty spartan. I believe Savan should have internet, which is where I'll be in 4 days. I can sometimes read emails, so don't be afraid to send them to me. Especially if I'm expecting to hear from you.

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