Thursday, October 7, 2004

Closer and Closer


Days: 37
Temples: 1-59, 61-83
Distance: approx. 1300 km

Well, I`m almost there. Currently in Takamatsu, with just 1 temple behind me to get to and 5 in front of me (actually 7 - back to #1 and there`s a temple in Wakayama to see as well). Thinking about taking a rest day here tomorrow, then catching the train in the evening to find a camping spot for the assault up to #60 the next day. Had a nice spot last night - up on this mountain over looking the town below. Chilly enough to keep the mosquitoes grounded as well.

Ran into my friend from Osaka the other day as well. We went to an udon place (supposedly a famous udon restaurant - they hand make the noodles) and got a free lunch. Pretty impressive, especially since it`s right on the henro path, and I`m sure many henros stop there for lunch or dinner. I told him it`s because of me being an American henro. I`ve also been running into a couple other henro quite frequently, and it seems they`ve taken to hiking together.

More tales to tell, but I need to get up to the visitor`s info center and get a hotel before they close. Also find a laundr-o-mat, as my clothes are getting quite rank.

The weather

The typhoons actually aren`t that bad, just a lot of rain and wind. As long as you can take cover and wait them out you`re fine. And by the time they reach Shikoku, they`re usually caught up in the jet stream and move out in a day. It`s those indeterminant rains that I hate - just gray all over and no apparent end in site.

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