Sunday, October 17, 2004

Back in the Saddle

Well, this is my last night here in Tokushima, and thus on Shikoku. Got my bike this morning, and the bags are repacked and ready to go. I head off to the dock to grab the ferry early tomorrow morning, and then head up to Koyasan. Should be an interesting first day back on the bike - 80 km and a 900 m climb (that be about 48 miles, and about 3000 feet up). I plan on spending a couple days there - it seems to have quite a few temples and I might as well see it all while I can. After that I head back down to Wakayama or somewhere thereabout and then I`m off to Bangkok on the 21st. This will probably be my last update before I leave, so savor it.

There isn`t a whole lot to do here in Tokushima, so it`s just been a lot of strolling around. It`ll be good to get back moving again.

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