Saturday, August 21, 2004


So, I was in a typhoon. I guess, technically. I was camping out on the island of Miyajima, enjoying the first decent night I've had here, weatherwise. Albeit a little breezy. The next morning, the ferries were grounded due to the typhoon passing to the north of Japan. Not much to speak of from where I was - just a bit windy. So that set me back a few hours, but fortunately it blew some of the heat away and I was able to ride all afternoon.

Speaking of Miyajima - beautiful shrine on the water. Nice campsite area too, except for the evil deer. Some..grrrr...stupid deer came about · · close to making dinner out of my stash of cash. Fortunately, he just decided to munch on some maps that I didn't really need. Almost killed the #%&! with my bare hands.
Routewise, I decided to bypass the westward push through Kyushu (as if anyone is following on their map at home) and head back to Shikoku. I'm back in Matsuyama today and plan on heading south to Uwajima tomorrow and then work my way around to Kochi before making the final drive to Kito.

It shouldn't be too difficult of week, as I'm sticking mainly to the coast. The last day from Kochi up to Kito will probably be the hilliest.

The only complaints I have are the mosquitoes, ants, other biting insectii, ravenous deer, and the humidity soaked nights. Hopefully they all begin to fade as the weather turns to fall soon.

Anyways, that's what's new for now. I'll try to work up something more profound for next time - too tired to think much as I was kept awake last night by rising tides, mosquites, and humidity. Fortunately, I've got a spot at the hostel here tonight, so I can get a shower or bath in, and a good nights sleep.

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