Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Crossing the Bridge

So, it's been almost a week since my last post. I finally found an internet cafe, as I've arrived on the more traveled island of Honshu (the main island). The crossing over the islands / bridges from Imabari to Onomichi was quite cool. Very easy 80 km with only a few hills. Speaking of hills, I've found that adjusting my seat up to where it's suppose to be really helped. I guess when I got my new rack installed the guy must have moved it down a bit. Although, biking in Chicago never quite prepared me for this.

BridgeCurrently, I'm in Higashihiroshima, which is about 25 km east of Hiroshima. I plan to bike over to Hiroshima later this afternoon once the sun starts going down a bit. From there, I've changed my plans to bike over to Kyushu, the island on the southern tip of Honshu. After a few days there, I'll take a short ferry ride back to Shikoku, and head east towards Kito, Where I'll meet my friend, Takuya, on the 28th. So that's the plan as is, always subject to change of course.

Thus far, most of the roads have been really been good for biking. Except of course for the current road I've been on today. Usually, there's been a separate bike path next to the road, or a wide enough shoulder. I've been straddling the little white line for the last 4 hours as trucks fly by me. Of course, the drivers are still much nice then in the US, and will try to give a little breathing room if they can. Just experiencing much more traffic then on Shikoku. I'm sure once I get on Kyushu, it'll be back to a more relaxed pace.

Current smell level: 4. First, internet cafe, next, laundr-o-mat!!

Weather is still hot and humid, and the bugs are out to get me. A little saddle sore, sun burn, heat rash, and general aches and pains. But otherwise feeling good. Down to 165# last I checked.

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