Wednesday, August 18, 2004


The ride into Hiroshima was just as bad. No shoulder, too much traffic for the street, and terrible sidewalks. Nevertheless, I made it here and even found a hostel. It's very nice, and well within budget. Plus - they have a washing machine and dryer and internet access!! I've been spending too much on hotels, as the night air is oh so hot and humid. End up laying there in my own sweat,swatting at bugs,or at least what I think are bugs. Maybe it's just heat rash. Although I killed a big ant that took quite a chunk out of me.

The A-Bomb dome has been the most moving thing I've seen in some time. Just a reminder of the destruction, so impossible to fathom just over 59 years ago. Comparing to 9/11 is impossible, but Hiroshima lost almost 1/2 their population that day. It took about 13 years for Hiroshima to recover to it's pre-war levels of industry and population. Today, it is quite a bustling metropolis. The Peace Park and Museum were also very good, as was the castle (with a little better planning I could have done a nice tour of Japanese castles).

I have seem to have hurt myself since I arrive here. My guess is the little slippers that only cover about half my foot and require me to grip onto them with my toes. Which has lead to some serious Achilles pain in my left leg. So I'm ditching the slippers for the rest of my stay, whether or not it's proper etiquette to just wear socks. For trying, just trying to keep stretching it and hoping it doesn't effect my riding.

Beyond that, I'm slowly starting to achieve relaxation. Freeing myself of the hustle and bustle of trying to always be somewhere at a certain time, the constant menacing fear of being berated by an over emotional boss, the general anxieties of everyday life. But I've been slipping into modes where I can just go with the flow. Stopping at little towns and just wandering. It's a very blissful feeling, one that I'm seeking more of along this trip. After all, it's not just a journey of the body but of the mind. Mind and body. Duality of one. As I've been finishing up reading _Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance_, which is the book I'll write when I return. Good to know it'll be a best seller.

As my little timer runs down, I end my%

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