Saturday, July 7, 2007

Nam-san and the War Memorial Museum

I made one final trip to Seoul before heading on vacation. I decided to hike up Namsan (Mt. Nam). Unfortunately, the weather didn't really cooperate. There was a distinct fog, aka smog, over the city.

The view from the top of Namsan could be good. Although it's hard to tell on such a smoggy day.

Namsan and Seoul Tower, from the War Memorial Museum.

The War Memorial Museum is an impressive collection of Korean War artifacts. Unfortunately, the museum was closing before I got a chance to check it out. But on the outside is a wide array of military hardware.

Lots of tanks,


and helicopters. This, of course, is the helicopter made famous by M*A*S*H.

There are also plenty of airplanes, rockets, and other hardware on display. A definite must see when in Seoul.

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