Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Some pictures from around Incheon

A groovy building near Chinatown (yes, there is actually a Chinatown in Korea, but it pales in comparison to even Chicago's). It's covered with bottle caps.

The view from Munhak Mountain, which is not too far from my apartment. It makes for a nice hike when the trails aren't too muddy. The blocks of identical apartment buildings are fairly typical. They are usually surrounding by lower-lying business district.

Another view from the mountain showing the soccer and baseball stadiums. Inside the soccer stadium are a children's museum, gym, public bath, golf driving range, singing rooms (karaoka), and some other stuff. The area around the stadium includes an artificial stream, fountain, climbing wall, lots of benches, and a playground. It's about a mile down the street from me, and is where I catch the subway.

Not to far from my house is this ship restaurant. Since most Korean streets don't have names, you navigate by landmarks. You'd think that this would be a good landmark to direct cab drivers towards (the cabbies usually know the bigger apartment complexes, but I live in a small building with only a dozen or so units).

But no, there is another ship restaurant on the other side of my apartment, and further down the street.

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upa said...

food in ship tastes bad, though.