Friday, February 11, 2005

Update from Chirchik

Just a quick update, as this internet connection is supper slow and buggy. The town I'm in - Chirchik (spelled different way, depending on Uzbek/Russian heritage and latinization) - is a "modern" Soviet city. Imagine housing project like aparment buildings - water pipes running above ground, crumbling staircases, cinder block construction. Similar style housing, and 50's looking Soviet Volgas and a mish mash of buses and vans plying the roads. Tashkent is about the same - just a lot bigger, with larger bazaars, more traffic, and wider streets.

The US Ambassador's place in Tashkent is quite nice. I'm definitely going into the foreign service after this gig is up.

Off to Shakrisabz (sorry if the spelling is wrong, see above) this weekend. Will try to get picture uploaded. It dates back a couple thousand years, with ruins of a palace built by Timur.

Visas are pending for a lot of people - almost everyone has a 30 day stay right now.

The canal in Chirchik

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