Sunday, February 6, 2005

Choi and Non

Choi is tea, and non is bread. The two things we have at every meal. I repeat - every meal. But it's good, so far. Just got to avoid the non with the fuzzy green spots. Lots of soups, and the occasional rice dish or kabob.

Classes are intense - 3 hours of Russian every day, and 3 hours of technical training in NGO governance and management. At least I like the group of 4 others that I spend all day with.

Tomorrow we head to Tashkent to watch the Super Bowl at the Ambassador's - game starts at 4am. Tuesday we head back to Tashkent to start our NGO practicum. And next weekend we take a little field trip to the west. It'll be good to get out of Chirchil, which is just a little Russian chemical plant town. Not too much of interest here - not that I have time for anything anyways.

Still hoping to get our visas renewed soon. Otherwise, I'm out of here at the end of the month and COS with the shortest PC stint in history.

More later - the sky darkens and air chillens. Gotta catch my marshutka before the streets refreeze - at least I won't have to go up any hills, like this morning (that's a teaser for my next entry).

The marshutka stand

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