Thursday, September 23, 2004

Resting Up

Well, I`ve had a decent nights sleep, and am now well fed. Clothes are clean and dry (finally) and I`m all clean and shaven and presentable to the world. Of course, it looks like rain, so by the end of the day I`ll probably be another soaking, stinking mess again. I`ve double bagged all my clothes now, so hopefully they stay dry. All the water-soaked clothes I had really added to my backpacks weight. I feel like I`ve unloaded a couple kilos from my load.

Today is a short hike (about 25 kms) upto temples 41-43. I think I can stay at #43 for the night. From there I`ve got a 30 some km hike upto a town with some nice parks on the map, and then there`s another 50 or 60 km to #44. Not sure where I`ll stay in between, but I`m sure there`ll be something. After that, it`s on to Matsuyama and across the northern coast of Shikoku. It feels like I`m already in the home stretch, although I`m just over half way and I`ve got probably 3 more weeks to go.

So off I go, with another update in 5 or 6 days when I get to Matsuyama.

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