Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Over the Hump

Well, it`s been a long and tiring last week or so since I last logged in. Lots and lots of hiking, including about 45 km yesterday. Made it into the campsite just as the sun was setting, set up my tent, and went to the onsen across the street. Took a nice relaxing bath and had sashimi for dinner.

Not many big events to report. The weather has been cooling, but there have been several nasty rain showers. My tent is finally dry after being soaked for pretty much the last week.

Currently I`m just a few km outside of Uwajima and am looking forward to getting a hotel room (my first since Kochi 10 days ago) and doing some laundry (my first since Kochi).

I`ve moved up the scheduled meetup with my bike in Tokushima by two weeks, and plan to reschedule my flight to Bangkok as well. Other then that, the feet ache (or as they say in Japan `ite! ite!`), the shoulders ache, and everything else just stinks (literally that is).


days: 22
temples: 40
kms: 750
weight: 69 kg

Japanese 201

The `come on` wave is done backwards. i.e. with palm facing out and fingers waving at you. Confusing when they are saying `come on` in English. Down right mystyfing when they`re speaking in Japanese. After three or four shouts I figure whatever I`m doing is wrong and decide to follow them.

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