Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Genting Highlands

High up on a mountain, Genting Highlands is a cool weather retreat for many Malaysians. It is a combination of a shopping mall, Las Vegas, and Disneyland on crack. They pretty much have every possible entertainment option you'd ever want. There's a casino, amusement park rides, a climbing wall, a snow room, bowling, video games, a Ripley's Believe it or Not, shops galore, and numerous restaurants, many of them American franchises. And people. Lots and lots of people. At least on holidays.

The weather is quite a bit cooler at the top. So if you want to step out and enjoy the scenery you might want to bring a jacket or at least something a little heacier than what you'd wear around KL.

Tips for taking the bus: We were there during a busy season - right after the Chinese New Year. I imagine other holidays and weekends are equally busy, but I have no idea what normal weekdays are like. Expect a long line, with lots of pushing and shoving. Check the time on your ticket, but it is sometimes possible to sneak onto an earlier bus.

There is a gondola to the top. Not sure where it
leaves from, or how to get there though.

The outside of the complex appears to be rather nondescript.

Insides it is a maze of restaurants, attractions, and shops.
There are about four or five different roller coaster type
rides that criss-cross here.

Crowds galore. The upper levels are a little less crowded.

The snow room. The only time most of these kids will ever see snow.

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