Monday, July 27, 2009


Zacatecas was one of our favorite places. Like Gunajuato, it is an old colonial town that made a fortune from silver. Hotel prices are a bit higher than elsewhere, but it's well worth a couple nights stay. There are several good museums in town, and plenty of places to stroll around and check out the views.

The Cerro de La Bufa, which serves as a major landmark in town. There's a road leading to the top, but the hike up is worthwhile. Just don't forget to bring water.

One of the hills in Zecatacas

Looking down on the city center

A view of the cathedral and the cerro de la bufa

There's a old silver mine that you can tour. The price is kind of high. I think it was around 150 pesos a person. But it was an interesting tour. There's also a nightclub in the mine, but we didn't go, so I don't know what the prices are like.

We caught the International Folk Dance Festival. The streets were a little crowded, but it really livened up the town.

Some of the folk dancers performing.

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