Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mongolia: Terelj

Terelj National Park is located just outside of Ulaan Bataar, which makes it a good quick introduction to Mongolia. For those staying only a few days in Mongolia, I highly recommend it. Also for those who are just starting out and want a quick test run before heading out into the great unknown.

Most every guest house and tour company has packages out to Terelj. There are a great many ger camps out there, with prices running the full range. We paid $50 a person for two nights in a shared ger, transportation and food included. I heard of other people paying $75 a night. There are also some hotels in the area which cater to more upscale travelers.

Included in our package was a few hours of horse back riding. The horses in Mongolia are a bit smaller than what we see in America, so they might not exactly fit the average non-Mongolian. The saddle are also quite uncomfortable. It's a good experience, but just be forewarned. And try to get the guide to adjust your stirrups to your legs.

This is the small camp we stayed in:

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