Thursday, February 28, 2008


I moved into my new aprtment, and started school. No classes yet, so I've only been spending a few hours a day there. Nothing too interesting this time around, but I think I'll be making a lot more trips this year. Being hemmed in by Seoul made travel a hassle. There are also a lot more mountains, temples, and other historic sites to see in the area.

The view from my apartment

I have been able to ride my bike a couple of times. There is a nice biking and walking path along the local stream. I rode part of it, and it appears to be a quick and easy escape out of town. The new subway line to Busan is also under construction.

Getting out of town and into the country side takes about 10 minutes. To the north and west it is hilly, with mountains all around. To the south are rice fields. Going east I ran into Busan traffic. So at least I have three good directions to bike this year, as opposed to the one I had in Incheon. Here is the view from the south, looking back into Gimhae.

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