Sunday, September 9, 2007

Return to Si Island

This weekend, I returned to Si-do and the Full House beach. My last visit is detailed here. I didn't visit the sculpture beach on Mo-do this time, nor Jangbong-do. But I did get to camp out on a beach completely free of anyone else. I think there was a caretaker staying in the house, but I only saw him once, when he was getting coffee from the machine. So there were no fireworks, no late night singing, no noise at all. It was quite nice.

I got a nice sunset, courtesy of China and its pollution. I'll have to remember to find a more westward facing beach the next time.

Saw my first jellyfish up close and personal.

At low tide, the gap between Si-do and Sin-do disappears and turns into a mud flat. In the old days, this was the only time people could cross back and forth between the islands.

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