Saturday, March 25, 2006

Fukuoka, Japan

I just got back from a little jaunt across the sea to pick up my E-2 visa. It was a quick 48 hours, but it was nice to get back to Japan. By my count, it was my fifth trip there, and I've now been to three of the four major islands. Fukuoka is a very interesting city, much different then any Korean city, and equally different then the cities I visited on my last trip.

On Shikoku, it seems as though everyone between the ages of 20 and 40 has been evacuated. You see a lot of school kids. And a lot of middle-aged and elderly people. But nothing in between. Fukuoka is filled with 20somethings, dressed up in very chic fashions, and stylsh hair dos. There are wide sidewalks and lots of bicyclists to be weary of as well. At least there aren't mopeds to dodge, like in Koea. Several rivers run through the city to the sea, and the city has done a good job of making interesting riverside areas. There are also ruins of a castle, mainly just the walls, but from the top you get a nice overview of the city.

Anyways, here are some pics to enjoy.

One of the river fronts in Fukuoka

Part of the Fukuoka skyline - if you look real, real close, you can see the "largest Ferris wheel in Asia" (far left), the Fukuoka Tower, "highest seaside tower in Japan" (tall, thin building on left), and the Fukuoka Dome, "the first convertible sky-roof in Japan" (big dome like thing right of center)

Part of Fukuoka Castle

The cherry trees are starting to bloom.

Part of Shofukuji (Temple ("ji" means temple, so I hate to be redundent))

More from Shofukuji

A bridge in Ohori Park

Marizon - a very unJapanese looking boat house.

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